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Who We Are

The team at Remarkable People Solutions® has decades of combined experience working with various industries to help them select ideal team members, retain talented employees, support leadership, and create new processes and systems that deliver results. They specialize in developing and leading teams and helping individuals and businesses achieve their full potential. Each team member is driven by a personal passion for helping partners and finding new and creative solutions.

Carlie Lockey

Founder, Executive Director of Selection & Team Optimization

In 2nd grade, I fell in love. Not with a boy (no, I would have to wait another 16 years before that happened) but with my teacher, and I knew at that very moment, that all I ever wanted to be was a teacher. At that time, the motivating reason was the fact that I would be in charge of writing students’ names on the board when they misbehaved (does anyone remember that?). Fourteen more years would have to pass before I began to really understand what a teacher was. Yes, I got to make the fun, pretty bulletin boards, and “write kids names on the board” and make learning fun, but it was so much more complex. I had to learn to see the problem, find a solution, and customize the situation for each child. The art of asking questions, creating helpful transitions, and partnering with parents were my stepping stones to what I deemed success. Then, I met that boy who I fell in love with, picked up my teacher self, and moved to Eastern North Carolina to marry him. With my teaching license slow to transition into a new state, I went back to my roots, to my first love and first job: Chick-fil-A. A new store was being built in town, and I hopped on the team. This was just going to be a short stay while my license transferred, right? Wrong. Over the past 10+ years, I have learned that teaching is one of the most transferable skills a person can possess. I became passionate about people: selecting the right team members, retaining teams, and assisting leadership with effective processes that produced results. That passion paved the road for Remarkable People Solutions® which provides custom people solutions that have a relieving, enduring, and remarkable effect for business owners. For the rest of my life, I hope I will be educating, engaging, and empowering others.

I have the true pleasure of living in Eastern North Carolina with my husband, three children, and one dog. Oh! And I am still in love with that boy today.

Carlie has been developing people and leading teams for 15+ years, and her experience with Chick-fil-A began when she was 15.

Liesl Grobbelaar

Director of Professional Talent

One of the things I love about my work with RPS is hearing people’s stories and through our custom processes, figuring out if the position we are hiring for is the best fit for that person or not. People are all so uniquely different and their story has made them who they are.

My story began in Zimbabwe (I am talking waaaay South at the bottom of Africa) and then took me to South Africa, Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles, Raleigh and now Morehead City, NC – who would have thought that a kid from Africa would end up in this little coastal town? I have been married to an amazing South African man for 35 years, we have three children, two grandbabies and a dog named Cookie. I have been a singer in a traveling band, a missionary, a Pastor’s wife, a church planter, a Beauty Advisor with Estee Lauder and a Music Director. I had the incredible privilege of becoming an American citizen under the Space Needle in Seattle and am now an American (although my accent still gives me away) Like most people I have had seasons of pain and seasons full of laughter. But I believe that every part of my story has helped shape me and prepare me beautifully for what I am doing now with RPS.

Today you will find me working hard every day alongside our amazing team to bring relief to our partners, our community and one another. When I am not at RPS, you will find me serving at church, playing beach volleyball, working on some music or enjoying one of our incredible ENC sunsets. And thankful every day for the chance to be a very small part of someone else’s story.

What they’re saying

  • Mary Cheatham King Mary Cheatham King Real Estate

    "I have done hiring with Carlie and without. I can tell you what I will never do again- hire without Carlie and her team!"

  • Melanie Elliott Great Salons of Knoxville

    "Finding the right applicant for a position is always a difficult process. RPS made the process so easy it was the best money we have ever spent for recruiting! They were spot on in narrowing down the applicant pool to individuals that would be a great fit for our company and the position. I would absolutely recommend RPS and will be using them again in the future!"

  • Morgan Crisp Keller WIliams Realty New Bern

    "We were impressed with the highly qualified candidates and the huge amount of time that we got back. There was a lot of leverage we recevied in the initial vetting process."

  • Tiffany CFA Jacksonville

    "We love the quality and selection of candidates; RPS is putting all of your focus on this, whereas we couldn't give that much energy and focus bc we had so much other stuff to do. With RPS, we have confidence we are selecting quality candidates who can be retained."

  • Debbie CFA Mayfaire & Porters Neck

    "We love the confidence we get working with RPS that we are selecting quality candidates who can be retained."

  • Josh Grimm CFA KPM

    "We loved the education RPS provided, I didn't want a service that just promised me a number of apps... I wanted quality and that is what we received! "

  • Sydney Cummings Great Clips

    "I liked knowing in advance what RPS identified as potential weaknesses/things to carefully consider. If they were red flags to RPS or even questions about a good fit, I'm glad I knew that prior to my first interview with the applicant so that I can explore a little into the area more myself."

  • Patrick Conneely CFA Morehead

    "RPS has help me connect with more team members that are a fit for the vision of our organization. They have prevented candidates that are not a fit for us from being interviewed. They have consulted to us to improve the quality and effectiveness of our meetings and helped us retain team members longer."

  • Donna Atlantis Lodge

    "RPS is very capable, they found candidates that are very kind and a great fit."

  • Carolyn Cannon Cannon & Gruber Realtors

    "RPS provided time-sensitive services to achieve great hires and allowed us extra time since we didn't need to weed through and screen applicants. Also, we appreciated follow-up from RPS with candidates, etc. "

  • Jessi Costen CFA Thruway

    "RPS was great at helping me own the process and bringing applicants in as needed! "

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