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Get the expert guidance you need to hire confidently so that you can build and retain a dream team.

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Build Your Team

Your team is more easily built with Building Block®, culture-fit team members! We have seen hundreds of companies increase retention, engagement, and quality of life, and we can help you too. 

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Engage Your Team

Your people are only as good as your processes- and your processes, as good as their usage. Once you have selected Building Block® team members, you can use proven systems and processes to effectively engage and retain your team!

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What We Do

At Remarkable People Solutions®, we help employers select the best talent for their company. No matter what industry you are in, people are your most valuable asset. We understand that you want to be able to attract top talent who will assist you in maximizing sales, profit, and community impact.

Our experts work to understand your company’s value proposition, reflect that in your job ad(s), and attract the right talent. Then, we empower you to make the best hiring decision by providing you with our proprietary Building Block Assessment® and Risk Assignment.

How To Get Started

It all starts with an initial consultation where we will get to know your company’s pain points and the relief you are looking for. From there, we will create a fully customized plan that utilizes our skills and resources and addresses your challenges. Once your plan has been implemented, we will continue to provide support so that you are ensured success.

When you are ready to take your business to the next level by hiring talented and highly-engaged employees, contact Remarkable People Solutions® to schedule your consultation. We can help you take the stress and guesswork out of recruiting employees so that you can hire with confidence.

What they’re saying

  • Mary Cheatham King Mary Cheatham King Real Estate

    "I have done hiring with Carlie and without. I can tell you what I will never do again- hire without Carlie and her team!"

  • Melanie Elliott Great Salons of Knoxville

    "Finding the right applicant for a position is always a difficult process. RPS made the process so easy it was the best money we have ever spent for recruiting! They were spot on in narrowing down the applicant pool to individuals that would be a great fit for our company and the position. I would absolutely recommend RPS and will be using them again in the future!"

  • Morgan Crisp Keller WIliams Realty New Bern

    "We were impressed with the highly qualified candidates and the huge amount of time that we got back. There was a lot of leverage we recevied in the initial vetting process."

  • Tiffany CFA Jacksonville

    "We love the quality and selection of candidates; RPS is putting all of your focus on this, whereas we couldn't give that much energy and focus bc we had so much other stuff to do. With RPS, we have confidence we are selecting quality candidates who can be retained."

  • Debbie CFA Mayfaire & Porters Neck

    "We love the confidence we get working with RPS that we are selecting quality candidates who can be retained."

  • Josh Grimm CFA KPM

    "We loved the education RPS provided, I didn't want a service that just promised me a number of apps... I wanted quality and that is what we received! "

  • Sydney Cummings Great Clips

    "I liked knowing in advance what RPS identified as potential weaknesses/things to carefully consider. If they were red flags to RPS or even questions about a good fit, I'm glad I knew that prior to my first interview with the applicant so that I can explore a little into the area more myself."

  • Patrick Conneely CFA Morehead

    "RPS has help me connect with more team members that are a fit for the vision of our organization. They have prevented candidates that are not a fit for us from being interviewed. They have consulted to us to improve the quality and effectiveness of our meetings and helped us retain team members longer."

  • Donna Atlantis Lodge

    "RPS is very capable, they found candidates that are very kind and a great fit."

  • Carolyn Cannon Cannon & Gruber Realtors

    "RPS provided time-sensitive services to achieve great hires and allowed us extra time since we didn't need to weed through and screen applicants. Also, we appreciated follow-up from RPS with candidates, etc. "

  • Jessi Costen CFA Thruway

    "RPS was great at helping me own the process and bringing applicants in as needed! "

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