Want a Retention Strategy for 2022? 

Be humble. 

That’s a little stiff for those of us who consider ourselves entrepreneurs, risk takers, visionaries, brand builders. We have a lot on the line and on our plates, and making ourselves “smaller” or more easily trampled doesn’t help us move the ball down the court or get numbers to the bottom line. 

But wait just a minute. 

I said “be humble”, not- lie down and ignore reality. In fact, I have seen how choosing to be humble only empowers me to have a much clearer picture of reality. If you were to view humility as more of a mental checkpoint, maybe even a toll booth, the concept becomes more readily acceptable to those of us who are fast talking, going a million miles an hour, and always thinking of the future. 

So what is owed at the toll booth?

My right to always be right. Once the fee is paid, I am now properly seated as a visionary, as a leader. I’m between the lines of the road- not viewing my own opinions too much which inevitably prevents me from hearing my team, their concerns, their thoughts, and their ideas. Nor am I viewing myself as insignificant- not using the wisdom given to me, not holding others accountable. 

And what does this do for my team? 

It allows them to be heard, to feel confident, to be a part of solutions, to see the ball move forward and the bottom line go up. Which leads to more jobs, more opportunities, and more influence for the team. 

In the words of Stephen Covey: “Seek first to understand….” which requires humility. 

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