The Pet Peeve Measuring Stick: Resume Red Flags


What are you really looking for on a resume? What are the Red Flags? 

Maybe your concern is …

  • Gaps in employment? 
  • Short stays of employment?
  • How the applicant left their previous employment?

As a business owner, we know the challenges of conducting a selection process: trying to bring in the RIGHT person to build your team BUT…



Is that Red Flag really that Red, or is it one of your Pet peeves? Pet Peeves can really serve as a distraction even though they feel like the MOST important thing at the time. What is your Pet peeve measuring stick?



At RPS, we believe that through an effective selection process, you can understand why some of those things might have transpired which allows you to analyze:

  •  Character
  •  Chemistry
  •  Competency 

These three areas can  lead you to determine if the applicant is a stable, culture-fit applicant.

So if you were to ask us what is most important?  We would say STABILITY.

An easy formula to remember….Stability/Everything

At Remarkable People Solutions, we provide enduring and remarkable relief through custom people, and process solutions. Don’t know how to determine stability? Call RPS. We do.