Staring at a pile of resumes can you make you feel like you are back in Algebra II or Advanced Calculus. Whether you are hiring for an upper level position or adding non-skilled team members to your growing company, the pressure can make you feel like you are solving a mathematical equation. And actually, hiring can be summed up into a simple equation, and no, it is not ∛119(y″-8x′+15a). Thankfully, the equation is: STABILITY/EVERYTHING.

What is the applicant’s attitude like? Tell me what the applicant’s stability is, and I will tell you how likely the applicant will be to regulate his/her attitude in the midst of conflicting deadlines, personnel issues, and coaching moments. If you take a chance after seeing the applicant’s “best foot” that is nearly always presented throughout the selection process, and then 45 days later, you are scratching your head, wondering who in this world you actually hired after your now employee just defiantly told you they are not able to handle the workload: remember, Stability over Everything.

What does the applicant’s determination look like? Tell me what the applicant’s stability is, and only then, can we talk about the applicant’s ability to push through, endure, and experience hardship. If the applicant’s story-telling adds up to a beautiful, unicorn and candy-filled walk in life, you might want to push further. Determination was not grown during the walk in the park; it is only built through at least some fire and ice. Want to know whether or not this is the walking wounded or a powerhouse potential? Look for stability.

Will this applicant’s effort match what is expected of the job position? Your company is growing, the expectations change daily, and the last 3 people who left the position for which you are looking to hire cited “too many expectations” as the reason they left. You spent $30,000 selecting, hiring, and training those 3 highly-skilled folks, and in the end, their effort was diminishing, at best. What’s that magical formula, you ask?

Stability over Everything.

Don’t know how to determine stability? Call RPS. We do.