Success Stories

Patrick Conneely

Patrick Conneely
Chick-fil-A, Morehead City 

When we hired Remarkable People Solutions, the business was growing but we didn't have enough of the right people to maximize our opportunity for sales and profit. I was working in the business thus not able to work on the business. We were making choices, bringing candidates in that weren't the perfect fit because we just needed a body there. Those decisions have long term consequences. We had great people within the business and when you have to make choices to bring people in who are not the perfect fit, it deteriorates the culture. We are very passionate about building great teams and hate to see that culture suffer. We knew we needed to change the tactics and methods to attract and retain the right people if we were going to realize the full potential of our business.

Hiring is an ongoing need for our Chick-fil-A restaurant. We hire 30 to 40 people a year. That is just part of the growth, candidates and choices we make. We were missing profit opportunities because of turn over and that is really difficult as a business owner when we are spending a lot time putting fires out when we could be working on more strategic things to help grow the business. I needed a solution and was looking for the attributes in a company that would be very honest and straight forward with us, that wouldn't give us a short-term fix, but a long term set of solutions to allow us to be a company that could endure for the future. We needed to have a holistic approach to solve this problem versus a short-term fix and Remarkable People Solutions provided that to us.

While working with RPS, we were able to shape who is the perfect candidate for us and then how to message to that candidate. I was able to understand the risk with each candidate, to what degree were they really a perfect fit for us, and what potential risk I would be taking by bringing them in. I had a higher degree of confidence once they landed at our business that they could be successful and be able to reach their potential.

The thing that was really different from RPS was helping develop systems. Once we attracted people into the business, our prior systems for giving them consistent feedback and giving them opportunities to earn and learn more, to develop and be engaged in the business were archaic. RPS allowed us to automate that very quickly. We were able to give employees feedback on their performance, to understand why they work for us and where they want to go so that we could keep them engaged as long as possible.

Having the right methods in place and attracting the best talented people has allowed us to maximize the potential of the business. It has allowed us to become a place that others approach to talk to about talent and how we find talent for our Chick-fil-A restaurant.

Working with RPS was very straight forward, candid, productive, honest, and insightful with not a lot of wasted time. It helps when you have a partner that understands the business and the needs well to ask the right questions. I feel like the time that we have spent working on the business is paying off now and in the future.

It has been a couple of years of working together but I can tell you I am doing more of what I want to do in the business; of what only I can do in the business and less time working operationally in the business. I am in the place that I want to be as a business owner where I can add the most value.

Putting together a plan that attracts and retains the right talent has allowed us to become a business that can endure the long haul. I can do something that I have always been passionate about: how we can have a positive impact on other businesses and other Chick-fil-As. Now, I’m trying to share those things that I have learned on this journey to help other businesses in our community improve but also other Chick-fil-As. More and more, we are becoming an organization that people call and can learn about what we are doing because the results have been really good. We have been able to retain people on a level that no other Chick-fil-A that I have been working with has seen. So, for those things, we are very thankful.

When we started working with Remarkable People Solutions our biggest challenge at that time was a reduced workforce. We had more business than we could accommodate with the workforce that we had, so we were looking to increase that workforce in large numbers and we realized that we needed help. Carlie was able to go out and immediately find new people for us and find new avenues for finding candidates.

As a business we were looking at this obstacle trying to determine how best to increase our workforce and we were looking at this situation thinking we can solve it. Once we got over that hurdle and realized that we don't have all the answers, we found Carlie and Remarkable People Solutions. She was able to bring new, fresh ideas immediately to invigorate our thinking getting us moving in a different direction. That was like opening a brand, new door.

 She also brought us new methods for acquiring new employees that we had not tried before in our hiring process. Our number of potential candidates increased dramatically, and just the way that she presents herself, she represented our company positively and was received very well with everyone she met.

Carlie set the pathway for achieving our hiring needs.  In a very short engagement period, we were able to increase our workforce size by fifteen. Then, we also decided to hire a recruiting retentions manager. That person's sole focus now is continuing the work Carlie started.

Now that we’ve worked with Remarkable People Solutions, we have a pathway to success for hiring. Finding a skilled workforce is always a challenge in manufacturing, but at least we now have direction to what we are doing, how we are seeking candidates, how we are screening those candidates, and the people we are bringing in now our goal is to retain them.  We are making decisions on the front end that is really helping us on the bank end.  We’ve got a full plan that helps us not only recruit, but also retain the people that we hire.

Ed Stack

Ed Stack
Jarrett Bay Boatworks

Mary Cheatham

Mary Cheatham
MCK Real Estate

Before I started working with Carlie at Remarkable People Solutions, I felt very overwhelmed. I knew we needed to hire a few key players, but I couldn’t quite identify what their roles were going to be and who they were. I had an awesome meeting with Carlie that brought so much clarity. Honestly, I just handed it off to her and she ran with it from there. I felt like we brought her a jumbled mess and she brought clarity to the situation for us. It was huge!

When you are running a team and you are trying to lead, it is so hard to do when you know that you are missing the people that you need in certain roles. It is hard to lead the people that you have and to keep them accountable, to help to grow them without having the resources that they need. I really was feeling frustrated and desperate to find the solution that I knew was out there. I couldn't figure out how I was going to bridge that gap and how I was going to find the right people and plug them in.

Remarkable People Solutions exceeded my expectations at every turn. I was surprised how easy it was to explain what I needed and how much I felt Carlie already understood so much of what I was going to say. Plus, she was available to talk to the different candidates and to screen them. It took so much off my plate to know that I was only getting the candidates who were best suited both for our company and for the specific positions. I had high expectations and they were blown out of the water! I was extremely pleased with the outcome and at ease with the process through all of it.

RPS resolved our team needs, which seemed pretty insurmountable just five weeks before. The process was very specific, and the objectives were outlined by Carlie. I knew we needed to hire people but understanding what the positions were and how to go about that process was clearly defined from the start. I was kept apprised of the process throughout, and I was able to participate by providing my input, which was huge. I was also able to rest assured that I was only spending my time and energy on candidates that were going to be the best fit. The entire process was really a God send for us and it’s made a huge difference. We now have the people that we need in place, and we are able to work cohesively as a team really starting to snap those pieces into place and see tremendous growth based on having the people that we need.

Carlie and Remarkable People Solutions have helped us get the people that we were looking for and I feel relieved, gratitude and sense of wholeness. I feel a sense of satisfaction and calm knowing that we have the very best candidates and we didn’t hire the wrong people. I can't even tell you what that feels like to know we didn’t make a mistake and I know we didn’t because the time and effort that this process calls for were put forth, just not by me, but by someone who is far better qualified to do it than I am. We all have the things that we excel in and this is an area where Carlie excels and for that I am extremely grateful.