Hello small business owner, are you ready for 2023? 

Being a business owner is one of the toughest jobs on the planet- in my opinion, of course (USA Today does not share my sentiments as it did not make the top 25 worst jobs list). 

However, you are it. You are where the buck stops. You only have a mirror to gaze into when things go awry. 

And they will, if you do not have a plan. 


I recommend doing your 2023 goal-setting with The 4 Disciplines of Execution in mind. It was one of the most mind-blowing books I ever read because it brings clarity.

Oh to be a business owner and have clarity. 


So I would encourage you to:

Make time to read the book. 

Then implement their 4 Disciplines:

Focus on the Wildly Important

Act on the Lead Measures

Keep a Compelling Scoreboard

Create a cadence of accountability


And for tracking lead measures and developing a compelling scoreboard, I recommend Smartsheet where you can build streamlined, automated, and self-populating dashboards such as this one. 


For this year, I wish you the very best.

And clarity.