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The question for today’s 60 seconds is “Why are you hiring?”

If your company is experiencing a lot of sales growth that is excellent, and I hope you are hiring folks and building in leadership opportunities. However, if your retention is low that maybe the reason behind why you are currently hiring.

Analyze for a moment why folks are leaving your business. Is it because they took the next step in their career, or is it because you are not able to properly engage them which would allow you to retain them, or was it because you had selected folks that were not a fit for your company? Either way all of those things take a toll on your business and do not allow you to maximize sales and profit.

At RPS we confidently believe that if you are selecting building block team members and then having the right processes to engage them you will be able to maximize sales and profit and really enjoy where you work.

That will make a great year for 2021!