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The question for today’s 60 seconds is “Who are you hiring?”

As a business owner you know that the who is the most daunting part of the business. Staring at resumes, trying to make the right selections so that you are able to build your organization can feel very overwhelming especially when you’re wondering if the who truly is who they say they are. Three weeks in, 90 days in I myself have felt that same pain where I’ve hired someone and several weeks later I watch as they run out the back door, never to be seen again leaving me to wonder who that person truly was.

At RPS we are able through proprietary measures to determine during the selection process if someone has the potential to be a building block team member which would empower you to make really effective selections so that you can continue to build the enduring organization that you have.

We hope 2021 is an incredible year for your company and the building of your team!