Are you a Business Owner? 

Have you experienced the highs and lows of retaining talent? 

If so, has that made you wonder whether or not your industry had anything to do with the low retention? 

Although some industries do struggle naturally with higher turnover, we at RPS believe that you CAN have an equal share of the talent in your area IF you Build an Attractive Organization. How you may ask? I am so glad you did!

How do you build an attractive organization?

  • Selection

At RPS we believe it first starts with selecting the stable, culture fit applicant who can come in and be properly engaged in your  business.( Read also…The Mathematical Hiring Equation )

  • Engagement

So you are super excited about that great stable, culture fit applicant you hired….. but how do you keep them engaged in your business?

One way we recommend is that you have a regular feedback pulse where you’re telling that team member if they have done their job and how well they’ve done it. 

We at RPS believe through SELECTION and ENGAGEMENT you can have an attractive organization that provides you with enduring and remarkable relief. 

Need help with that? Call us…it’s what we do!