Business Tip: How are you hiring?

Hi friends! Carlie with remarkable people solutions here where we provide enduring and remarkable relief through custom people and process solutions.

The question for today’s 60 seconds is “How are you hiring?”


As a business owner you and your leaders may find yourselves hiring in waves. You know you need 10 people next week; do you pull out all the resumes, make some decisions and move on not going back to the selection process again for weeks on end? Or maybe you find yourself hiring desperately and you just need that body in your business. I myself have felt the pain of waiting through resumes almost being frozen in fear not feeling qualified to make any decisions at all.

At RPS we do believe that you must have an effective and consistent selection process so that you are able to identify, select, and then walk building block team members in your business. Thereby, allowing you to not lose out on great candidates and allowing you the opportunity to maximize sales and profit.

We hope that 2021 is an excellent year for your business and your hiring process!