Hello business leaders!

Are you ready to take your culture to the next level in 2023?

Do you feel you need a culture reset but don’t know where to begin?

Are you wanting to ensure that you continue attracting top talent? 


Although culture development seems like a mystery, it really is not. 

Because it all starts at the top. (See, even Forbes agrees with me)


During my years of experience with Chick-fil-A, I was so positively impacted by their pursuit of their customers. Chick-fil-A aspires to be the company that cares, and they do so through warmth and competence.


Doing the same for our team members is not much different, although, I would propose:

Perspective and consistency.


Are you overly confident in your ability to lead and you lack flexibility to let others lead?

Do you lack confidence in your ability to lead and find yourself being overly flexible with others? 


To build culture, you must be balanced: 

Humble but confident


It all starts with you.

And for this year, I wish you just that-