Are you looking for relief in 2022? 


My advice? Become a steward. 

Stewardship is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as: “the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care”. 


If you are like me, I find it difficult to fit another action item into my growing list of responsibilities, projects, and people needs.


But great news! Becoming a steward is mostly about perspective. 


2022 started off with a bang? Crushing monthly and quarterly goals, and all lead measures point to your company achieving success in 2022? Recognize that your team has shown up in a big way when they could have just handed you an average performance. Identify that your customers, clients and guests could have chosen to work with, eat with, or go under contract with someone else. Acknowledge that your efforts alone could have never resulted in success. 


2022 started off with a different type of bang? Equipment failing? Lacking the manpower to get the work done? Your team not getting behind you and your goals for the year? Recognize that, even if you are leading a “failing” organization, you are still leading something. Identify where your car has veered off the road to the shoulder of entitlement or the shoulder of despair. And acknowledge that your efforts alone will never result in success. 


So begin to steward the resources, opportunities, and people that have been entrusted to your care. 


It might just change your perspective. 


How do I know? 21 years ago mine changed. At 15, I received my first employment with the company Chick-fil-A who taught me: “To Glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that has been entrusted to me…..” 


Proverbs 1:5 says: “A wise person will hear and increase in learning….”

I say: Wise words bring relief if you listen and believe.