About Remarkable People Solutions

Carlie Lockey

Carlie Lockey - Founder, Executive Director of Selection & Team Development

In 2nd grade, I fell in love. Not with a boy (no, I would have to wait another 16 years before that happened) but with my teacher, and I knew at that very moment, that all I ever wanted to be was a teacher. At that time, the motivating reason was the fact that I would be in charge of writing students’ names on the board when they misbehaved (does anyone remember that?). Fourteen more years would have to pass before I began to really understand what a teacher was. Yes, I got to make the fun, pretty bulletin boards, and “write kids names on the board” and make learning fun, but it was so much more complex. I had to learn to see the problem, find a solution, and customize the situation for each child. The art of asking questions, creating helpful transitions, and partnering with parents were my stepping stones to what I deemed success. Then, I met that boy who I fell in love with, picked up my teacher self, and moved to Eastern North Carolina to marry him. With my teaching license slow to transition into a new state, I went back to my roots, to my first love and first job: Chick-fil-A. A new store was being built in town, and I hopped on the team. This was just going to be a short stay while my license transferred, right? Wrong. Over the past 10+ years, I have learned that teaching is one of the most transferable skills a person can possess. I became passionate about people: selecting the right team members, retaining teams, and assisting leadership with effective processes that produced results. That passion paved the road for Remarkable People Solutions which provides custom people solutions that have a relieving, enduring, and remarkable effect for business owners. For the rest of my life, I hope I will be educating, engaging, and empowering others.

I have the true pleasure of living in Eastern North Carolina with my husband, adopted son, foster children, dog and rabbit. Oh! And I am still in love with that boy today.

Carlie has been developing people and leading teams for 15+ years, and her experience with Chick-fil-A began when she was 15.

Janice Bath

Janice Bath - Director of Chick-fil-A Selection

Growing up, I was extremely shy. I was fine within my small comfort zone, but outside of it, I would fade into the background. I felt as if I always had to be perfect, and since I wasn’t, I struggled with feelings of failure. Despite what my head knew, my heart didn’t have the self-confidence to truly be me. But then I met someone whose outgoing personality and contagious smile lit up a room when he entered. We proved that opposites attract and married less than two years later. With his support and gentle reminders that God, my family, and he loved me failures and all, I began to break out of the shell I had placed around myself. I took more risks and began to conquer my fear of failure

Today, I’m constantly trying new things. I have taught first grade, home-schooled my four children, and started two new careers. I began with Chick-fil-A nine years ago as a part-time team member, moved to training that first year, and have been involved in hiring, development, and retention. Now I can not only turn on my computer, but eighty percent of my work is online! Working for Remarkable People Solutions allows me to help others find relief from the stresses of living outside their own comfort zones. It’s a way to care for others and give back the support given to me as we each take on the daily risks of life. In the words of Peter Pan, “To live would be an awfully big adventure."

Janice has been developing people and leading teams for 20+ years with nearly 10 years of Chick-fil-A experience.